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How to Talk About Legacy Giving Without Being Creepy

How challenging is it to live under the yoke of having to raise your entire budget – every single year – starting from scratch? Time to do something about it! Legacy giving programs often never get off the ground because people think talking about death is creepy. Yet right now people are questioning the meaning of life, and their own mortality, in a way that’s unprecedented. People are wondering: What will their legacy be? Just possibly they may wish part of their legacy to be supporting the causes they cared about during their lifetime. It’s not going to happen though, unless you begin the conversation.

Session take-aways:

  • How to persuade ‘powers that be’ you should actively promote legacy giving, even (especially) now.
  • Why legacy giving is not just for rich people.
  • How to uncomplicate legacy giving – for you and your donors.
  • How to measure success.
  • Simple legacy giving strategies any nonprofit can adopt right away.

Presented By: Claire Axelrad, J.D., CFRE, Principal and Founder, Clairification

The Past, Present and Future of Your Events

In 2020, every nonprofit faced the daunting question of how to fundraise significant funds without in-person events. Saroosh shares how to identify and prepare for upcoming trends, including how to embrace the behavioral shift in virtual/hybrid events. Learn how to turn perceived disadvantages into advantages and advancements in engagement, content, and revenue.

Presented By: Saroosh Gull

The Cinderella Strategy: How Butler University Became a National Player

This session will cover the strategies that a regional college pursued and the decisions at the heart of its transformation over the past decade, with implications for each of the Changemakers’ areas of emphasis: marketing, leadership, and fundraising. Key takeaways include (1) A case study in the need to balance patience with risk-taking; (2) How a shared culture became a competitive advantage; and (3) The energy generated from sudden success and how this must be transferred to create other, more sustainable organizational units.

Presented By: Graham Honaker and Jerry Logan

Graham Honaker

Changing the Way Your Board Thinks about Fundraising

How do you build a culture of philanthropy that will change the way board member think and act when it comes to fundraising? This session will help you assess your board’s fundraising attitude and performance, assess your organization’s philanthropic culture, and develop a list of the ways board members can realistically help—and deliver—on fundraising.

Presented By: Linda Lysakowski, ACFRE

The Future of Fundraising is Hybrid

Event fundraising has changed, and it’s going to continue to evolve beyond COVID-19. Fundraisers are rethinking—and have repositioned—how they deliver compelling experiences. Hybrid events with smaller in-person gatherings that include a virtual component are here to stay. This session combines findings from recent research with lessons learned from the front lines of the global fundraising event pivot. We’ll explore hybrid event strategies to drive better engagement and higher impact for in-person and virtual attendees, plus, discuss how to avoid virtual production pitfalls.

Presented By: Jenna Jameson, Steve Lausch


What Nonprofit CEOS Can Do to Scale revenue Generation

What if you were able to finally move into your big vision with the funding and resources needed to succeed? This session will show you a proven, step-by-step path that nonprofit CEOs use to secure more unrestricted revenue that drives the stead cash flow needed for overhead, while using your business expertise to attract larger, investment-level donors.

Presented By: Sherry Quam Taylor

Planned Giving: Debunking the Top 5 Myths

You don’t need a law degree to start and grow a successful Planned Giving program. Learn how you can launch a successful Planned Giving program, maximize donor lifetime value, identify the best prospects, and promote your program. Tony Martignetti is a lawyer, but he doesn’t talk like one. In plain language, the evangelist for Planned Giving will weave in his stand-up comedy to make it easy, accessible and affordable. 

Presented By: Tony Martignetti

Take Control of Your Time

Leaders need to maximize their most important resource—time. In this interactive session, you’ll learn how to perform a leadership time audit, improve your time allocation by delegating, dropping or repurposing meetings, and tune-up daily and weekly scheduled.

Presented By: Kelly Harris Perin

Systems Change with an Equity Lens

What happens when “the system” creates barriers that produce inequities within policies, practices and procedures in your organization? People, groups, and organization are connected in service to the community as a system. Learn how to recognize the components of systems and their interrelatedness, explore the role of diversity, equity, and inclusion within systems, and how to identify barriers in your organization.

Presented By: Reeshemah Davis

Creating Passionate Supporters for Your Mission—During & Beyond COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed the way we interact with others, but it doesn’t mean we can’t meaningfully connect. This session will help you identify and create thoughtful engagement paths and understand how focused communication helps build stronger relationships with all of your stakeholders. Using a workshop setting, you’ll learn about the collaborative process of human-centered design, why it is vital to connecting with your audience, and how to build the framework for an engagement path that turns followers into passionate supporters.

Presented By: Emily Taylor

How Humor & Storytelling Help Marketing and Leadership

Storytelling and humor are communication techniques that can transform presentations into compelling narratives, make ideas more memorable, simplify complex information, and challenge people. Effective leaders, marketers, and storytellers have one thing in common: empathy. Gain the resources for developing your empathy and humor skills, and learn when—and how—to bring these skills into team building, fundraising and marketing communications.

Presented By: Marta Segal Block

Developing Your Nonprofit’s Remote Workforce

Notice any new challenges arising with your newly remote workforce? In this webinar, we’ll discuss the unique benefits and challenges of a remote workforce and how we as leaders can continue to develop our team’s individual and collective capabilities, and how to create the culture your staff needs to thrive.

Presented By: Heather Burright

Roads to Success for Nonprofit Mergers and Sustainable Collaborations

Navigating the pathway to merger or collaboration success is like assembling a fantastic puzzle. This engaging session will explore the critical steps on the pathway, including often overlooked but essential elements of success. We’ll talk about how to determine if you should consider a merger or collaboration, how to identify the best potential partners, understanding the legal framework and negotiating agreements, and, what factors can doom a partnership before it even starts.

Presented By: Gregory Nielsen

Telling Your Mission Story: Sensational, Dramatic, Memorable

Every nonprofit has a great story behind its mission, so why are so many nonprofits struggling for support? Learn how leveraging the arts can spark creativity within your organization to create dynamic storytelling. We’ll discuss how incorporating the visual arts, music, and theatre into storytelling can enhance outreach, development, fundraising and overall communication well-being.

Presented By: Pon Angara

Creating Human-to-Human Connection in a Digital World

Learn how to amplify your impact and community through digital platforms in this interactive session. We’ll walk you through the how, why, what, and where of digital communication channels, and how to use digital to create a deeper, longer-lasting connection with your supporters. Learn the strategic tactics to better connect with humans and amplify your nonprofit’s impact.

Presented By: Taylor Shanklin

This Is Why Your Cause Partnerships Aren’t Working

Get some honest advice from a Partnerships Guru who has seen the good, the bad, and some of the most confusing campaigns. We’ll review cause marketing case studies, tools to get you started, pitfalls and partners to avoid, how to identify key prospects, and understand the best practices in cause marketing.

Presented By: Jennifer Richey

Demystifying the Grants Lifecycle: Grant Seeking Lessons & Pro-Tips

Finding, acquiring, and maintaining grants can often feel challenging. This session will explore the five phases of the grant lifecycle: identifying well-aligned prospects, cultivating funder relationships, preparing submissions, maintain grants through stewarding and reporting, and submitting renewals. Learn the tips, tricks, and pitfalls to avoid in each phase.

Presented By: Rachel Sacks, MPH

Storytelling Ask: How to Develop Your 2021 Nonprofit Story

The nonprofit story can be the most versatile and creative part of the fundraising ‘Ask’. This workshop will cover why storytelling is important, how to use your nonprofit story in your Ask, the three Ts of storytelling, and the 5 steps to a communicating a great nonprofit story.

Presented By: Kristal M. Johnson

PANEL: Conversion through Conversation: How to Help Your Most Engaged Stakeholders Concisely Communicate Mission, Vision and Strategy to their Networks

Most nonprofit board members, staff, donors and volunteers wish they were more effective in cultivating funds and sharing the mission story. This panel will discuss the mechanics and benefits of crafting and sharing authentic, organic stories to engage stakeholders, and provide tips on how to increase confidence in your story-sharing style.

Moderator: Nicole Smith
panelists: Lauren Decker, Amy Radin, & Lisa Karbiner

How Not to Suck at Planning Virtual Fundraising Events and How Not to Suck at Presenting at Them

Fundraising events we once knew and loved, must go virtual until further notice! But how do you curate and execute one that doesn’t suck!? Well, what if you had an easy and tangible list of things to do in order to have a great and successful fundraiser? And what if that event could be attended by your supporters & donors without bothering to put on pants?

Presented By: Patrick Kirby

5 Keys to Website Success in 2021 (and Beyond)

Your website competes with for-profits, media, and even other nonprofits for eyeballs, mindshare, and revenue. New technologies and trends continue to reshape the way we use the web, transforming user and stakeholder expectations. Do you have a plan to attract and retainer viewers? In this session, you’ll learn the five key web strategies that beat the competition, engage audiences, grow revenue, and deliver impact.

Presented By: Ray Van Hilst

The Surprising Gift of Doubt—Using Uncertainty to Become the Exceptional Leader You Were Meant To Be

Nonprofit leadership is challenging in the best of times, and even more so now. What do you do when you don’t know what the next steps are? How do you keep going, and help your team keep going, when doubt seems at the door? Could the doubt mean you’re broken as a leader?
Leadership expert Marc A. Pitman says that doubt might mean you’re on the verge of greatness! In this session, he’ll show you why doubt is a normal part of leadership, and the surprising gift it can be if you have the courage to use it. In this session, you’ll find a framework you can use for yourself and share with your team, plus, you’ll learn 9 tools that can help you grow your confidence.

Presented By: Marc A. Pitman, CSP

The Jetson Era or The Twilight Zone?

COVID-19 took a toll on us professionally and personally, but how did you fair as a leader? How have you sustained leadership through turbulent times? In this session, you’ll hear stories from leaders that got it right and those that didn’t. You’ll hear how to become a strong virtual leader, build a stronger culture, and identify what transformational leadership looks like today. Participants will build a toolbox of successful strategies, identify elements of their style that need updating, and how to integrate lessons from other leaders into transformational leadership for a new era.

Presented By: Tracye D. Weeks, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Why You Can’t Afford to Wait to Look for (More) Monthly Gifts

Often called the ‘Sleeping Giant’ monthly donors are critical to sustainable revenue. Learn how to find new monthly donors, upgrade them to higher levels, and build a roadmap to help you bring in new donors at virtually no expense.

Presented By: Erica Waasdorp

PANEL: Delivering on Change: From DE&I Initiative to Accountability

Unconscious bias can exist even in the best of organizations. This national panel of HR experts takes a closer look at Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) efforts to create more equitable, inclusive workplace environments. The panel discussion will focus on how to:
  • Build an effective, accountable DE&I strategy
  • Recognize unconscious bias in recruiting, interviewing, and employee engagement
  • Uncover gender & racial inequity in compensation
Immediately following this panel discussion, the moderator will join the follow-up session on Agile EQ, a development tool that helps you read the interpersonal needs of a situation and respond accordingly.

PanelistsLacy DeBerry, Renee Martin, SPHR, SHRM-SCP and Ronnie Grabon, SPHR, BCC
Moderator:  Sandie Bateman, MBA, CPTD


The Best Way to Handle the Best Intentions

Our supporters and community members (almost) always have the best of intention when they give to our organizations. They want to volunteer their time, donate money, raise funds, and/or provide household goods to support our mission. But we all know that often, this can be problematic. We receive used items that are inappropriate, work with volunteers who don’t understand why things are done a certain way, and struggle to get unrestricted funds. This session will provide ideas and strategies for gently and kindly guiding our community to give and give well to the organization. You’ll learn how to send positive and helpful messaging to steer supporters in the right direction, tools for helping community groups fundraise for us, ways to better train volunteers, and how to say “no, thank you” without fear.

Presented By: Colleen P. Duerr, CFRE

Post-COVID Strategic Planning: How to Future-Proof Your Nonprofit by Adopting a Strategic Framework

Many nonprofits struggle with strategic planning. Nonprofit Strategic Plans tend to be 5-year plans with vague objectives, over 10 goals, and almost no concrete action steps. Yet, these plans guide organizations and end up leaving them rudderless, confused and many times with a weak budget. We advocate that instead of creating a strategic plan, nonprofits use a strategic framework to lean on. What is the difference between a framework and a plan? While a framework adapts to change and guides through iteration, a plan is typically a list of inflexible steps. Plans do not account for new priorities/changed directions while a framework can support you in heading in a different direction. In our COVID-19 and post-COVID-19 world, this agility is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. During this session, we will dive into the Impact Method™, a strategic framework designed for nonprofits. The Impact Method™ was created as a way to break down your big audacious goals into clear, easy-to-understand components.

Presented By: Sarah Oliveri

AGILE EQ: Stretch Beyond Your Comfort Zone and Change Your Results

During times of massive change and stress, such as we have been experiencing during the COVID-19 pandemic, managers, directors and executives find that staff with the ability to adapt in the workplace rise to the top. Emotional intelligence (sometimes called EQ) is an important element of that ability to adapt or agility, as important as one’s IQ. Everything DiSC® Agile EQ moves beyond EQ by identifying eight mindsets; Agility refers to the ability to stretch to a new approach. Moving from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset gives you the ability to adapt your response to the situation you are facing. Learn how your agility impacts your organization’s culture, communication, and results. Attendees will receive a free Everything DiSC® Agile EQ assessment.

Presented By: Ken Katzeff, MS and Sandie Bateman, MBA, CPTD


Fearless Fundraising: How to ask for and receive what you want, need and deserve without feeling rejected, ineffective or pushy

Fundraising is stressful because it is about money, the vulnerability to admit you need help, and the emotional risk of rejection. Trigger trifecta! No wonder it is the most stress-inducing aspect of nonprofit work. FEARLESS FUNDRAISING will help you understand your personal relationship and your organization’s relationship with money and change the beliefs to serve you better.

You will learn a six-step process to reshape your relationship with fundraising.

  • Techniques to manage rejection and overcoming feeling “pushy”
  • Tools to identify money mindsets of others and help them change theirs
  • Find more opportunities to receive money and develop a growth mindset for yourself and your organization
This is fundraising from the inside out…change your thinking and change your results.

Presented ByMaryanne Dersch, CEO & Founder, Courageous Communication

How to Plan Your 2021 Social Media Marketing Calendar

The COVID-19 pandemic, the election, and racial justice protests of 2020 have upended the entire nonprofit landscape. It is no longer business as usual for nonprofit fundraisers. With all the noise on social media as well as serious legal and ethical considerations clouding the platforms, how can nonprofits continue to reach their supporters and spread their messages online? How can you re-focus, re-prioritize, and get yourself back on track with your social media marketing? In this session, you’ll learn how to create an effective 2021 Nonprofit Social Media Marketing Calendar.
You’ll learn:
  • The top social media marketing trends for 2021
  • Actionable ways to stay relevant on social media in times of uncertainty
  • A step-by-step guide to building your 2021 social media marketing calendar
  • Free & low-cost social media marketing tools to save time and inspire throughout the year.

Presented By: Julia Campbell

Innovating for Dramatically More Scale and Social Impact

On so many vital social issues, we’re either seeing painfully slow progress or problems that are actually getting worse. This workshop will illustrate the need for better social innovation strategies, delve into ways social innovators successfully built lasting, impactful, and scaled-up social solutions, and offer participants practical guidance on how to innovate more effectively. Please attend if you’re curious about Lean Startup or Lean Impact, Human Centered Design, and other innovation strategies and/or you have ambitious social change goals and want support on how to achieve them.
The session includes:
  • Case studies of social innovators successfully experimenting with ways to drive up impact and scale
  • Key insights from a Lean Impact expert
  • Practical guidance on how to apply social innovation methodologies to your own work

Presented BySteve Nagai-Ma

Resilience by Design for Nonprofits

Connecting the dots across the multitude of applications and end user adoption have traditionally been areas that Nonprofits have struggled with. This means that information consumption is low both for key decision makers and remote field workers. In the past ERP Vendors have tried to solve this by building monolithic ERP systems that take ages to implement and never deliver on the critical goals for Nonprofits. Unit4 is introducing to the market its new agile and extensible ERP architecture which will change the game by allowing them to quickly build a Nonprofit Mesh of their key applications and ensure their people have access to critical information in the right format whenever it is needed most.
  • Modern ERP doesn’t mean it delivers everything
  • The benefits of the Nonprofit ERP Mesh
  • Agile information Delivery to key stakeholders

Speakers: Jeroen Figee, Industries Product Manager, Unit4 and Chris Brewer, Sales Executive, Unit4

Smarter Strategic Planning: A Less Painful, More Impactful Way to Plan

Strategic planning can be incredibly powerful for your organization, answering your big questions and creating a vision for the future. Or it can be terrible! Join us as we discuss a new, simpler – and even fun – way of engaging your board and staff in the important strategic questions facing your organization.

Presented By: Heather Yandow

Is “Overhead a Dirty Word?”

Organizations need resources to be effective, yet these resources are often labeled as overhead.  Donors punish organizations for high overhead. Charity watchdogs reward organizations for low overhead. This overhead aversion can lead to a starvation cycle where organizations underinvest in organizational infrastructure, which can negatively impact effectiveness. How can organizations manage these competing pressures in order to acquire the resources they need to do what they do?

Presented By: Jamie Levine Daniel

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