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Demystifying Donor Advised Funds

A Donor Advised Fund (DAF) is a giving vehicle established at a public charity. It allows donors to make a charitable contribution, receive an immediate tax deduction and then recommend grants from the fund over time. Today, they are philanthropy’s fastest growing vehicle, accounting for 3% of all giving. This workshop discusses donor advised funds, how they differ from private foundations, tips for engagement, critiques and potential reforms.

Presented By: Gregory Nielsen

Raise More Money from Your Business Community—Fundraising Lessons Learned

Learn how to raise money from someone who has been doing it for over 30 years—and from both sides of the desk. Learn which businesses are likely to become donors for your organization, understand why businesses give to nonprofits, learn the words to remove from your fundraising vocabulary, and how to build relationships that translate into support for your organization.

Presented By: Linda Lysakowski, ACFRE

On the Road to Monthly Donor Success

In this interactive session, participants will learn the steps involved to start, or rev up, a monthly donor program for their organization. Attendees receive a monthly donor roadmap to use as a tool along with a monthly donor retention playbook and a monthly donor planner. You’ll learn how to acquire new monthly donors, and, how to prevent and reactivate lapsed monthly donors.

Presented By: Erica Wassdorp

Sex, Aspirin & Nonprofit Marketing

There’s an old marketing adage that all marketing is either sex or aspirin. That is, marketing is about making people want something or solving their problem. Nonprofits not only have to sell a solution to a problem, first they have to sell the problem. In this presentation, we’ll look at some of the rules of for-profit marketing and how they do—or do not—apply to nonprofit marketing. You’ll understand how to adapt a ‘value proposition’, and how to decide which marketing channels are best for your organization.

Presented By: Marta Segal Block

Money That Matters

Are you in control of your organization’s budget? Or is your budget controlling you? Learn how to make your money work for your mission! This webinar is for you if you are not a “money person” and you finally want to feel empowered about spending money and making meaningful budgets. It’s also for people who are into numbers and want to take their financial plan to a new level. You’ll understand how to think about spending money as an investment, what the four critical things are that you should buy, and how to tell if you have an effective financial plan.

Presented By: Sarah Olivieri

Reimagining the Giving Experience

In order to create an exceptional giving experience, it is critical for nonprofits to move away from considering the donation experience as strictly transactional and begin to reimagine the interactions within a very human context, from the donor’s perspective. In this webinar, we discuss the critical considerations and recommendations that work to inspire giving and make it easy for the donor to progress through each stage, from first-time gift to long-term advocacy.

Presented By: Ray Gary

Tired of Looking for Board Leadership?

Board members are your gatekeepers to the community and have serious governance responsibilities. Yet one of the greatest challenges for many nonprofits is having a bench of leaders deep enough to carry out a robust succession plan. In this active session, we’ll outline the 3 essential steps to transform your board members from wide-eyed rookie to engaged leaders who understand their roles and become participating partners.

Presented By: Cindi Phallen

Yoga and Meditation with Jill

Tune in for this 60 minute yoga practice with guided meditation to promote balance, calm and strength in your life.  When we take care of ourselves, we are better equipped to take care of others. Open to everyone!

Presented By: Jill Murphey

5 Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Fails (and How to Avoid them)

What makes one fundraising campaign more successful than another? This session will expose some clear fails many of us are committing when structuring our peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns. It doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran or stepping into social fundraising for the first time, this fast-paced session will dive into common mistake that limit your reach and success. We’ll focus on how to setup your organization (and participants) for success with more fundraising dollars and overall campaign impact.

Presented By: Rich Dietz and Jenna Jameson

Creating a Positive Workplace Culture

Many nonprofits overlook the role of culture and its role in achieving the organization’s mission. Nonprofits tend to attract talent that is mission-focused, passionate and collaborative, seeking to make an impact. What happens when the culture does not match their expectation? They are likely to underperform, be less engaged, or even leave. This session will help leaders and managers understand the workplace culture and why it matters to success. You’ll learn how to assess your culture, strategies for developing a talent-focused culture, and your role in building a positive workplace culture.

Presented By: Alicia R. Schoshinski

How to Confidently Make “The Ask”, Even if You Hate Fundraising

What if you knew the steps to pivot off the spin-cycle of small gifts and start securing larger donations on a regular basis? How would you like to confidently secure 50-75% of the funding you need each year by leading your top 30 donors to their best gift? It’s doable. This session will demystify solicitations and help you see there is a path to securing larger gifts from individuals. Using the example of a $10,000 ask, we’ll walk you through the methodology so you can learn how to confidently pivot, and what three things a donor must have clear in their mind before they’ll give their best gift.

Presented By: Sherry Quam Taylor

Why We Fail: Changing Behaviors and Mindsets

If you’ve ever started a new strategy, tried to engage your board in fundraising, or attempted to get your co-workers to move to a new technology and failed, this workshop is for you! We’ll talk about a new, more powerful way of understanding these seemingly straightforward shifts in activities and how attention to transitions can help you be more successful. You’ll learn the difference between technical and adaptive challenges, and key strategies for leading through adaptive challenges.

Presented By: Heather Yandow

Cause Marketing Partnership Power Lunch with Cause Marketing NYC’s Founder, Jennifer Richey

You’re invited to lunch, network and learn alongside your peers (virtually, of course!) in a collaborative cause marketing crash course where you will learn and connect on cause marketing. Attend this information packed session to better understand how your organization can begin and grow corporate partnerships to increase unrestricted revenue and amplify your organization’s message. Please join us to make meaningful connections and drive change through partnership.

Attend this informative session to learn about:
Main components of a successful cause marketing campaign
Examples of good (and some not-so-good) cause campaigns
Prospecting right-fit partners
How-to create an asset inventory for your nonprofit
Tools and assets to help you get started

Presented By: Jennifer Richey

ME and YOU: Donors and Charities

Will I pick your charity to fulfill my own aspirations? Will I stay with you for years—even after I’m dead? Do you love me the right way? Or is this just some quick money transaction? One of the “most thoughtful, inspirational, and provocative leaders” in the philanthropic sector worldwide will help you learn how to understand and respect the donor’s aspirations, how to better qualify prospects, how to nurture the relationship and build donor loyalty.

Presented By: Simone P. Joyaux

Look Beyond the Day-to-Day: How to Get Going on Those Long-Term Projects

Would you like to become less overwhelmed by the idea of tackling long-term projects in development, management, finance, communications, volunteer management, and more? This session will help you understand how to divide the labor between staff, board, volunteers and outside talent. You’ll be able to build confidence in your ability to see beyond the day-to-day and start the projects that will ultimately make your organization more efficient and more successful.

Presented By: Colleen Duerr

360-Degree Feedback for Nonprofit Leaders

Feedback can be a leadership accelerant. Done right, it offers transformational understanding about where you’re strong and how to you win, and illuminates the habits and gaps that are keeping you stuck. Too few nonprofit leaders get this kind of feedback. Joins 360-degree review experts to learn how to incorporate the rocket fuel of 360-degree feedback into your executive development and review process. Nonprofit leaders and board members can explore industry best practices, strengths-based coaching and behavioral change, identify common pitfalls, and learn first-hand from a case study of a nonprofit leader’s 360 review experience.

Presented By: Sharma Graham and Kelly Harris Perin

Hook, Line and Sinker: Reeling in Your Audience with Cut-Through Content

In this session, you’ll learn how to create email content that resonates with your audience, conduct A/B testing, and develop a creative strategy for your communications. You’ll also learn about the importance of regularity and cadence in email, without coming off as a stage-five cling-on.

Presented By: Kadi McDonald

Choosing Purposeful Alignment

Addressing complex social change requires leaders and leaderful organizations that are purposefully aligned. This session is designed for leaders that find themselves at a critical inflection point and desire to level-up their impact—at an all important moment in global history—by examining purposeful alignment. This moment is compelling each of us to ask hard questions, lean into reflection, and make critical choice points regarding our role, impact, and positioning in ecosystems of change to drive transformation. Consequently, this session will allow intentional space for leaders to examine and shift mental models regarding alignment and purpose by leaning into key concepts of permission, transformation, and embracing a game changer posture, and commit to their first yes towards creating an important ripple in a transformational journey.

Presented By: Tracey Greene-Washington

Press “Play” Not “Pause”: How to Create Fundraising Programs Which Are Impervious to Broad Swings in the Economy

The effect the COVID19 Pandemic has had on the US economy has been nothing short of earth shaking. The real question is what will you do differently to lessen the impact the next time? I’ll show you how to step back and create fundraising programs which are impervious to broad swings in the economy, including how to develop revenue streams which liberate your organization to truly deliver on its mission; what you can do right now; what you should be looking for within your organization; and what you should focus on going forward.

Presented By: Larry Johnson

From Recruitment to Performance: Building a Successful Virtual team

In an environment where virtual employees are becoming the norm, it’s essential that your nonprofit is proactive and intentional in hiring and engaging the right team members. Who are they? What do they need and how do you measure success? How do we retain them? You’ll learn the key traits of virtual high performers and how to create a collaborative culture that allows those members to thrive, including exploring the seven core competencies for successful virtual employees; how to build a robust program that connects the team and makes the desired culture a reality, and how to tailor your approach for the challenges and opportunities of a virtual environment.

Presented By: Heather de la Riva

Responsive Fundraising: How Your Nonprofit Can Build Lasting Donor Relationships & Increase Donor Loyalty in Today’s Distraction-Filled World

Today’s donor is distracted. Hyper-connectivity, micro-consumption, fractured attention, and fierce competition are namesakes in our connected economy. This is now compounded due to the upheaval market slumps, political banter, and the coronavirus pandemic has sparked with no clear end in sight. Amidst uncertainty and shifting donor expectations, what should your nonprofit be focused on? How can you ensure your organization is prepared for these changes, and able to scale deeper, more personalized donor relationships? This session will help you learn the framework modern nonprofits are using to scale personalized donor relationships, grow giving and increase donor loyalty. You’ll leave with six responsive fundraising strategies that you can implement immediately to raise retention rates and grow giving.

Presented By: Noah Barnett

Intentional Leadership: Governance Practices that Promote Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

In this webinar, participants will learn about the context of DEI, race equity and systemic racism and how these inequities created persistent disparities that align with their nonprofit’s mission. You’ll learn specific board governance practices that support the board’s ability to demonstrate intentional leadership through actionable strategies that support diversity, equity and inclusion.

Presented By: Dr. Robin Stacia

Maximize FOMO & Engagement With Your Nonprofit Content Marketing

Engagement is the new metric; it’s not just about clicks. Through the power of social media, the world of content marketing is changing rapidly. This discussion will help turn your marketing/communications team into a content machine, utilizing the power of FOMO, technology and the latest in social influence and engagement tactics to expand your community. You will walk away with an understanding of today’s content marketing, how to get the most out of your content marketing and how to build a loyal tribe of followers for your organization and mission.

Presented By: Taylor Shanklin

10 Top Nonprofit Strategies to Get Through a Crisis (or Any Other Time!)

The times we’re in are extraordinary, and ‘business as usual’ isn’t. Having strong coping skills, important at any time, are today essential. This session explores how you can become more thoughtful and strategic, especially when you can’t rely on the ‘normal’ playbook. We’ll explore 10 key strategies, tips, and specific fundraising and marketing ‘to-do’s,’ to help you create effective solutions and successfully reorder priorities.

Presented By: Claire Axelrad

Secrets of Successful Virtual Conferences

I’ve directed 8 online conferences, partnered with multiple universities and gotten bigger and bigger sponsorships year over year with these events. I can give you all the benefit of my experience as your nonprofit looks to deal with this challenging time, so you don’t lose revenue or engagement with your supporters.

Presented By: Mazarine Treyz

Stop Scrambling and Start Planning for Board Member Succession

How many times have you found yourself two months away from your Annual Meeting scrambling to find new Board Members? Board Succession is a key part of building a strong Board. Learn the framework for developing a Board Governance Committee, a Succession Plan and matrix for gaps in your current Board.

Presented By: Allison Jordan

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